Lets face it, there is no other way around this fact, Evonne Paddison, CEO of ACCESS Ministry, says one thing when asked by the press about what “mission” means, and how she sees her role (to help inform children of bible stories and to inform children of their heritage) and when she speaks in a room full of Bishops she gives her real purpose, to convert children to Christ.  These aren’t matters of interpretation, they are facts.  They are recorded statements that can not be reconciled.  Martin Dixon simply can not “take their word for it”, because they have been dishonest.  They swear on a stack of bibles that they are not there to convert, to disciple and to violate the rights of parents, but then they also freely admit on tape, that they are there to convert, disciple and get to kids, no matter what their parents preferences are.

This is a deep violation of trust, of parental rights and of principle.  It can not be ignored, argued away or wished away.  The time is right to reform this system, to get volunteers organized for their devotion to faith, rather than their skills as educators out of our classrooms and teach about our traditions without all this dishonesty.  There simply is no role for evangelical Christian activists in our state schools.

Here is the Audio, listen for yourself.

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