Yesterday saw the full fledged assault by Australian Christian Lobby’s apparatchik, Rob Ward on the lawsuit brought against the unfair SRI policy.

The piece showed clearly that ANYONE who questions what is going on is a target.  So, added to the list of things that Jim Wallace doesn’t like, are now Anglican Priests with some concern for faith (you listening Scott Stephens?).

This has become known as “the Battle for Bouma”.  It isn’t clear if the ACL intends to capture Bouma alive or just mow him down and dump his body at sea.  Ward seems to indicate that Bouma is a traitor and is now just another “militant secular humanist” (what ever that means).  But Evangelical on line magazine, Eternity is claiming that Bouma was misquoted by the AGE.

Here is their effort to explain the contradition:

If you are following along at home, or on facebook, feel free to catch up on the fine textual parsing that only someone whose URL ends in “” could possibly be capable.

Stay tuned for the next salvo as the Battle for Bouma rages in the halls of the Evangelical Right Wing so called “Christian Lobby”.

We’ve met Dr. Bouma, one of Australia’s leading thinkers on interfaith relations in Australia and all we can say at this point is that he’s no one’s tool.