This is even making grandmothers in England angry:


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Date: 19/04/2011 8:37 PM

Subject: concerned grandmother

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I am relieved to see there is a growing voice for those who seek an end to the indoctrination of young children in Victoria’s schools.

Last year I spent 3 months with my grandchildren in Victoria ( I do not live in Australia) around Easter time I was alarmed to hear my eldest grandchild taking about the Easter story in such a way as made clear she had been indoctrinated by “teacher” at her school. When I found that the person teaching the “religious instruction” class was in fact a volunteer evangelizing to a captive and impressionable group of 7 year olds I was incensed.

I  still cannot believe such blatant brain washing is allowed to take place in Australian Schools. Despite the fact that I am a Christian I see no place for these self-serving bigots in the education of your young people.

Quite aside from the ethical and equality issues I am also worried about the type of people this exposes the children too. What checks would have taken place to into their  background? Some poor kids, from homes with other religious beliefs or with no set beliefs, may already have suffered psychological damage because of this policy.

I wish you every success in you just  fight against the ill thought out and applied policy.

Mrs. Middleton


Seems like ACCESS Ministry has a new gang to worry about … as if they didn’t already have their hands full.