Writing in Eureka Street today, Anglican Priest and board member of the “World Parliament of Religions“, Gary Bouma has argued today that the current system of SRI is “unethical”.

The writer is not speaking as a parent but as a priest.  Dr. Bouma addressed his essay to Christians, writing in a Jesuit on line journal.  As a priest, Bouma is clear about what the duties of the church are–namely that the church should exist to create “Christians” – that is their purpose.  Contrast this with the Anglican Archbishop Dr. Freier, who wrote in the AGE on Monday that Jesus was an interesting guy and kids should know about him because he was important to our culture.  You judge who is more forthcoming in describing the reasons for church involvement in the schools.

Dr. Bouma’s assessment is unflinching.  This program isn’t good for education and it isn’t good for religion.  Read the whole piece here: