Or so it says on the website of the Melbourne Anglican.   Although in the AGE, Evonne Paddison is shocked, shocked that anyone should see her advertisements and claims to imply that she is attempting to convert anyone.

The Melbourne Anglican Magazine says differently:

Evonne Paddison, CEO ACCESS ministries

Evonne is first and foremost an evangelist.

It is that desire to see young people come to know God and be in relationship with Jesus that drives her leadership of ACCESS ministries. ACCESS is the peak provider of chaplaincy and CRE programs in Victoria.

Evonne sees this access into state schools as a hugely significant ministry, offering an extraordinary gospel opportunity to reach young people.

Prior to taking on the leadership of ACCESS Ministries, Evonne was a lecturer and teacher at Ridley Melbourne (having completed a PhD in NT Studies in St John’ Gospel), where she was also Warden of the University College.

She has always had the view that theology should have a practical application in ministry and mission, so she sees her role at ACCESS as a good fit. Evonne supports field and office staff in the practical application of chaplaincy and CRE and she has responsibility for the theological continues to preach and teach the bible across all denominations.

Evonne believes passionately that the opportunities for Christian teaching and pastoral care currently available in Australian schools must not be taken for granted. “God has opened this door which we may not always have, “ Evonne explains. “State school chaplaincy is often cutting edge, and I am delighted more people are expressing interest in a calling to chaplaincy. It’ a great way of serving God, serving his people and making new people for him.

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