Dr Evonne Paddison, CEO of Access Ministries, appeared again in the AGE defending the policies and positions her Ministry takes regarding the privileges it enjoys in our schools.


FIRIS parent Tim Heasley was contacted to ask what he thought of the image that was staged by ACCESS to include children that come from different Muslim backgrounds.

Paddison claims that the use of the word “Mission” in the advertisement that urges “Anglicans to Go Local” is not reference to “Christian Mission” but to the “Mission of ACCESS Ministry” which is stated as “Transforming lives though the Love of Jesus”.

Got that?

It isn’t clear how much longer this kind of cognitive dissonance can continue.

FIRIS obtained a copy of the advertisement.  You be the judge.

What Paddison wants the public to believe is that from 9:00 – 3:30,  Monday to Friday, while school is in session and she is running ACCESS Ministry, that she is just working for everyone’s general welfare.  Nothing to see here, move along.  While she claims that ACCESS has “no interest in converting people of other faiths”, when she is NOT working for ACCESS she clearly IS involved with groups that are committed to “converting people”.

Both Evonne Paddison and Bishop Stephen Hale, who chairs ACCESS Ministry sit on the board of “ARROW AUSTRALIA“, which is part of the Lausanne Movement.  The Lausanne Movement is more explicit in its “mission”:

Though Paddison says that her mission is ”graciously lovingly accepting people whoever they are, whether they’re bad or good or rich or poor or whatever race”, it sure seems like when she’s not working she is part of a program to “Evangelize the Whole World”.

It’s good to know that this isn’t part of what she is doing in our schools. Does anyone believe this?