The following quotation exposes the insane logic of the defenders of our current SRI system … the idea that we should make religious identity a matter of “local democracy”.


15 APR 2011 11:04:05PM

they’re called state school… not secular state schools… our local school is a state school that has a strong christian presence and we’re all quite happy about it. my point is that the individual school communities should have a strong say in what they want they’re kids to be exposed to. A strong Muslim community or Buddhist community should also have the right to have their views heard in the classroom – that is local democracy at work. having a central body with a religiously secular attitude force their theoretical views on us is extremely patronizing and very communistic in ideal…

This comment drills right down on the issue that is at stake here.  First it should be obvious that “we are not all happy with it” … second, “the community” does not have a right to have its views “heard” in the classroom, on matters of RELIGION.  Democracy is not MOB RULE.  It would be absurd for Australia’s schools to take on the local flavor, or preference of “religion” … the schools are “secular” because they are open to members of all faiths and those with none.  No one faith has the right to “vote” itself in as the default religion – yet that is exactly what has gone on in our schools.

The “central body” with a “religiously secular” attitude is called “the constitution” … and the body of law that governs all Australians.  The views of our laws are not “theoretical” … they are binding on us and they govern us.

The point is that the Minister of Education is violating the LAW … the sooner this message is absorbed and integrated into the public consciousness the better.  In a multi faith Australia, religion can not be subject to the “local community”.   The danger of following the logic of this commenter’s views should alarm everyone.