ACCESS Ministry maintains that only “humanists” are upset about what is going on in the schools.

The truth is that Australia’s leading religious educators are against ACCESS Ministry too …

REENA is a working group of scholars, community practitioners, and peak body representatives working in religion and/or education in Australia. Its primary aim is to counter religious prejudice and advance respect for religious and non-religious diversity. REENA members and supporters come from a wide range of religious and non-religions traditions, and from a variety of educational institutions and organisations. The group initially developed as a result of activities during the Parliament of World Religions held in Melbourne in 2009 and roundtable discussions about Religion and Education in Multifaith Australia held at Monash University in 2010, and Macquarie University in 2011.

Of particular concern to REENA members is that as SRI/SRE isn’t part of the state government schools’ curricula, there is a lack of accountability by State Education Departments for the delivery of SRI/SRE in their schools. Recent complaints registered with several state Education Departments demonstrate a lack of commitment to deal with emerging issues. Parents and educators are increasingly demanding a different approach