• Maintain an inclusive school curriculum that does not require any student to withdraw from class on account of different religious beliefs.
  • Formally cease the practice of volunteer-run special religious instruction (SRI) during school hours.
  • Follow an objective, fair and balanced comparative syllabus for education about religions and beliefs.
  • Treat all religious organisations who wish to use the school facilities outside of the school day with transparent and equitable policies.

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Fairness In Religions In School

One principal, who attached the ACCESS promotional brochure to the 2015 SRI consent form has "clarified" the situation in the school newsletter - after written complaints from parents.We thank this principal for doing this. We understand that it is possible some may allow the brochure, not realizing that it looks like a recommendation for SRI. It is also important for parents to keep telling their schools if they are not happy about this, as you can see in this case, it has made a difference and the principal acted to highlight the fact that the school is not endorsing the program.From the newsletter: "The 2015 booklist included the new Special Religious Instruction – Parent Consent Form (CFMD141). Attached to the consent form was an information pamphlet provided by Access Ministries. The inclusion of this pamphlet was in no way intended to promote your child’s participation in Special Religious Instruction (SRI). SRI is not compulsory for any student and written parental permission via the prescribed form – CFMD141 – is required for students to participate. ________ Primary is secular and inclusive of all and I apologise if the inclusion of this pamphlet did not reflect this as it was not my intention."As we advised earlier, the dept considers this ACCESS brochure to merely be the "overview" of their program - in order to provide information to parents. But it is clear that the "information" is biased and designed to encourage participation.This is evident by the personal recommendation by a principal on the back of the brochure - "The ACCESS ministries material is fantastic ... it is well thought out with plenty of scope for instructors to choose activities to suit our students ... and is in tune with our school values." This endorsement is forbidden under the SRI guidelines.And whatever happened to the promise the dept made to ensure parents were given the opportunity to view the class materials?FIRIS will continue to keep the DEECD accountable and will advise of any further updates. ... See MoreSee Less

1 day ago

Miranda LawrenceI just received this brochure yesterday from my children's school too. I threw it straight in the recycling bin!1 day ago

Christine PryorI wonder if the parents of the child on the cover of this brochure have given permission for the photo to be used in this way? I doubt it. Anyone recognise this school uniform .1 day ago

Fairness In Religions In SchoolMiranda Lawrence - could you please send us a private message or email at and tell us the name of your school. We are keeping a running list of the schools who are distributing this brochure. Thanks.1 day ago

Tom RottllerI really don't want to question the intelligence of the principals but how could they miss this????I mean...Looking at the front page of this brochure the so-called innocent subtle message bulges out like those buffalo male parts or "Truck Nutz". It would stand out so much that a few seconds read would ring alarm bells.Is this the "Just Shoot Me" Syndrome where the top is so busy that they leave such things alone to the lower order hoping that everything written it is fine. When someone distributes something that person in authority has made a recommendation because it has been approved upon distribution.1 day ago

Kay ClarkeI suggest that this principal included the brochure to forewarn the parents about the SRI program and that the parents have taken it the wrong way. The subsequent letter she wrote shows that she is most unhappy with SRI. In our campaign to rid our schools of SRI I don't find it helpful or fair to indulge in principal bashing or school bashing. This kind of thing is counter productive to any cause and not what I believe FIIRIS wants to appear to be condoning.15 hours ago

Tom RottllerI wouldn't think Kay that this is at all school or principal bashing. So far the both are kept confidentially however the information would aid FIRIS as to who is swayed towards xianity or not. Also the information will help in future issues should it involve the same people.14 hours ago

Fairness In Religions In SchoolWe are very happy and appreciative that this principal clarified the situation in the newsletter. This is obviously a principal who takes notice of parents wishes. While it is unfortunate that the brochure went out in the first place, the principal has made an effort to improve the situation.12 hours ago

Miranda LawrenceNot only are my school distributing this brochure with next years Booklist/Fees, but the cost for RE is included in the total figure payable (with a note saying you must sign the consent form). It sounds as if there is no choice really BUT to sign the form and pay the $8. Quite confusing for those who DO NOT want their child participating in SRI!11 hours ago