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  • Maintain an inclusive school curriculum that does not require any student to withdraw from class on account of different religious beliefs.
  • Formally cease the practice of volunteer-run special religious instruction (SRI) during school hours.
  • Follow an objective, fair and balanced comparative syllabus for education about religions and beliefs.
  • Treat all religious organisations who wish to use the school facilities outside of the school day with transparent and equitable policies.

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Fairness In Religions In School

Christian Lobby interprets rules for parental consent as a bible ban. Lyle Shelton is a hysterical twit. ... See MoreSee Less

17 hours ago

Stella ThomasOh there is SO much to say about the ACL, but I'll go with your summary, it's perfect!17 hours ago

Zach BowdenThe Christian Lobby, who aren't even liked by most Christians. Honestly I don't know why they have any influence at all17 hours ago

Tom RottllerThat was going to happen.They will scream persecution when they have their advantage taken away from them and they become just an ordinary group.I also love how Lyle is linking Islam saying that they are being refused.17 hours ago

Lara WoodThis is hysterical.17 hours ago

Fairness In Religions In SchoolFIRIS should get Nobel Peace Prize for getting both Islam and Lyle to unite against us !17 hours ago

Tracey HuttNow he's concerned for the freedoms of other peoples children? He wasn't a minute ago.16 hours ago

Lynette JoyUnbelievable, all of a sudden the ACL are worried about children not having free access to the Quran? :)14 hours ago

James LaneWhat is FIRIS position on student led religious groups (with no teachers/parents/outsider adults involved)? The concern of the ACL seems to be that students not be denied freedom of expression of religion at school.7 hours ago

Christine WorthingtonParents wishing their children religious expression at school should should send their children to a religious school James. 6 hours ago

Caroline DuncanIs that the next plan of attack by ACCESS James? They can't send the adults in to reap the souls anymore so they want to get child evangelists to make disciples out of their school chums?6 hours ago

Christine WorthingtonIf the ACL is concerned about student religious expression at school, I daresay it is part of their wider agenda to lobby our politicians in an effort to govern over the rest of us. The should be tending their own flocks, as they have a right to do, and leaving the rest of us be.6 hours ago

James LaneCaroline and Christine, I find it ironic reading comments on the FIRIS page about Christians being paranoid.... and then reading your comments. I smiled out loud at those last comments. 'The next plan of attack', 'the wider agenda to govern over the rest of us'. Do you realise how paranoid you sound about multicultural Australia (or is it only about Christians)?6 hours ago

James LaneCaroline and Christine, you seem to have totally overlooked the fact that most students from a non-Western background (and many from a Western background) themselves have faith in God. Surely you are not suggesting that it is possible for students to switch off their worldview at the school gates? All students (just like all teachers) take their worldview with them into the classroom and the playground. The idea that students shouldn't discuss with one another their worldviews (but keep them private) sounds awefully like you enforcing your worldview on others.6 hours ago

Caroline DuncanI'm not paranoid about multicultural Australia. Im not paranoid about all Christians. I have many family and friends who believe in Christianity. I do, however, have zero trust in ACCESS ministries after comments I have read made by its leaders and how that organisation thinks it has the right to access children in public schools. That's what this page is about. But thanks for the snippy judgement.6 hours ago

James LaneIf a FIRIS administrator could please let me know - is what Christine has said actually FIRIS position? > 'parents wishing their children (freedom of) religious expression at school should send their children to a religious school'6 hours ago

Caroline DuncanAnd I would take a similar view of ANY religious organisation that uses my child's school as a means to converting them to their faith. I don't care if they are Christian, Muslim. Hindu, Scientologists. My kids in public school aren't there to be targeted by any predators.6 hours ago

Caroline DuncanJames a 7 year old boy told my 7year old daughter in class last year that God would "kill" her because she didn't participate in RE. Is this the sort of worldview I'm meant to have time for?6 hours ago

Christine WorthingtonNo James, that is my opinion only.6 hours ago

Caroline Duncancan FIRIS please confirm that comments posted by other people, even James, are it's position????? Lol6 hours ago

Christine WorthingtonJames you don't think the ACL's very purpose is to lobby politicians in order to have legislation conform to their own dogma? I'm pretty sure they don't call themselves the Australian Christian LOBBY for nothing. As for multicultural paranoia - you are scraping the bottom of the barrel there aren't you James? Did I call for an outlawing of all religions, the burning of churches? Quite the opposite - secularism is one of the things that contributes to a guarantee of religious freedom. Everyday people go to work and are required to leave their personal dogmas at home (yes, even school teachers) and behave like professional people in the interests of productive and coherent workplaces and social inclusion. Young students are being prepared for such workplaces, and should be given the benefit of a productive, coherent and socially inclusive learning environment. SRI and other evangelical activities in schools run counter to these principles of productivity, cohesion and inclusion. Do you know what I think the ACL and Access are REALLY concerned about? Last census 20% ticked “no religion”, 25% Catholic and 17% Anglican. (Note that the people ticked a religion they ‘identified’ with, they didn’t even have to be committed or regular church goers). On present trends, “no religion” will be the most popular response next census and especially so, I would think, after the conclusions of the Royal Commission and other investigations into abuse of children in institutions. That is why we are in this situation and having these conversations. Access and the ACL are a part of a fast diminishing vocal minority and they will do anything they can for bums on seats. And grown ups are much harder to convert so they are going after the young.5 hours ago

Tom RottllerJames Lane - while I cannot answer for FIRIS however a student led prayer group such as "see you at the flag pole" is not effected. No person's human rights of freedom of religion or freedom of thought has been violated.What is effected is that organisations such as ACCESS Ministries et al. cannot distribute bibles or any other religious paraphernalia to the students.The ACL is screaming "persecution" because public education has now been secularised and Lyle is quite hysterical about this.5 hours ago

Fairness In Religions In SchoolJames Lane. We are currently consulting with Liberty Victoria on this issue and cannot answer your question at present. Although I hope you and Lyle realise that these changes came about largely because of the Biblezine incident. That saga is not over yet either. We have uncovered other explosive information that we can't release until we get hold of some FOI documents.5 hours ago